How to get Adsense approval in 15 days?

 Are you looking for a quick and easy way to start monetizing your website?

Ok, keep learning in this article that I will walk you through how you can add Google Adsense to your WordPress website to make money quickly, and don’t worry if you will run into any issues I often I will share a couple to ask. A couple of questions and solutions if you run into problems when installing it. If you do not already have one, you need to apply for a Google Adsense account. Open a new tab and go to the website from here, you can sign up for our Google Adsense account and the approval process usually takes about six to eight hours.

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How to Get AdSense Approval

 Once you’ve been approved simply log into your dashboard for Google Adsense and over here under my ads we can create a new one to get started. Now that you click on ad units let’s click on a new ad unit and from here you can choose from three different ways to do it I’m going to show you the text & display the ad that’s the classic way that most people have done Google Adsense so we’ll select this one. You want to make it a descriptive name so that you’ll know what this is. Some people do it by where they’re placing the ad and down here you want to choose what the size of the ad you want.

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 The responsive one is really good because it will expand or contract according to what the end-user as if they’re viewing it from their smartphone or their tablet or their desktop this will expand to show it properly for that person. You want to test different ad sizes because different ad sizes will probably mean different amounts of money for your website. A lot of people recommend the 336 by 280 rectangle and the medium rectangle 300 by 250 both of those seem to do pretty well for many websites. So I’m going to click on the300 by 250 for the ad type then either will just show text or an actual image to a person.

AdSense Approval in 15 days?

 By default, they recommend showing both of them again with many other things you’ll want to play with this to see which one works best for you but you can typically start with the display and text ads part and then change it as you go along. So we’re going to keep it as that the text ad style we’ll click on that you want to put the ad style that looks the most like your website so scrolling through you can pick the one that looks the best. If you don’t see any that looks as close to yours as you can then you can also click create ad style and you’ll create a completely brand new one and you can match up the colors to match with your website.

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 Once you pick the one that you want then there are two other items that you want to look at. The custom channels area is simply a feature that allows you to better track your ad performance so you can choose to do that now; since you’re just getting up and running it’s probably a good idea to just wait until later. Then, if no ads are available that’s crucial to know what you want to do because if Google can’t find an ad to show your visitors then you need to tell Google what to do. By default, it’ll simply collapse the ad unit or show a blank area and when you first set this up that’s actually what you’ll probably see in the beginning because it can take a little bit of time for the Google ads to start appearing on your website.

Google AdSense Approval 2020

 We get that error a lot, people think it’s an error they’re like I just installed this and nothing is showing on my site what’s wrong? Well, it will take a little bit of time for google to show the ad and when that’s happening you’ll see a blank area. The other two options you can do is you can collapse the unit and show color it’s a different color than you want maybe from your website or you can also show other URLs if there’s an image from somewhere else that you want to show you can do that. We’re gonna stick with the default we’ll just have a blank space if nothing is available.

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 Now we’re done with this particular ad so we want to save and get the code and you’ll want to copy this. We want to keep it asynchronous which means that your website will load regardless if this ad will load so it’s very good for speed and for the user experience. Sowe needs to select all this I’ll right-click and copy. Now that we’ve copied it we need to add it to our website and we’ll do that next. From our dashboard, the absolute simplest way that you can do this is by adding it to one of your sidebar widget areas.

 So to do that from our WordPress dashboard we’ll head down over to appearance go to widgets and what we want to use for this is we want to add the custom HTML over to our sidebar and put that there. Under the content area, I just want to right-click and paste it and now we’ll save it. Now that we’ve added it to our site we can take a look and see what it looks like on our website. Now looking on the website you see that there is a blank area that’s because we just put it on here so it will take a little while for Google to match some ads to show on our site. So it could take a little bit of time for this to show up as you can see that after.

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