Pranayama, 8 ways to do yoga

Stay healthy in pranayama Pran and Ayam – these two words combine to form pranayama. The word prana means air. The word dimension means direction. In other words, the method of controlling the movement of air in the body is called pranayama in simple language. Verse 49 of Patanjali Yoga philosophy says about pranayama ‘Tasmin … Read more

Male Infertility

Why can’t men be fathers? The number of men unable to produce children is increasing. This problem is not just that of our country. Male infertility around the world. One of the reasons is environmental pollution. Judging by the number theory, women and men are equal in terms of infertility. Sperm abnormalities are increasing along … Read more

Evening or Morning Walk

MORNING WALK When to walk? It would be foolish to answer in this way. Because there is an addition to walking with the level of dust accumulation in the air. Therefore, it is better to walk when there is less dust in the air. MORNING WORK As such, the level of dust in the air … Read more

Why eat watermelon in the heat? Watermelon Benefits

Watermelon seeds are the life force hidden It’s hot. Watermelon has started coming in the market. Taking a bite of watermelon out of the fridge in extreme heat means that the body is absolutely cold. The mind is strong. Experts say that watermelon has a lot of antioxidants. This fruit helps to lose weight. Watermelon … Read more

Banana Leaf Body Spa

Beauty The time is coming when the sheet of being frozen will be removed and Surya Mama will put his paw on the heroic glory. At least three months comfortable. After enjoying the winter season, many people are suffering from mental depression just by thinking of enduring intense heat. Fatigue is not leaving laziness behind. … Read more

5 home remedies to avoid heat stroke

How to get rid of itching this summer: – Summer season is going on, as a rule, it is very hot outside the house. What people are very worried about this summer is Ghamachi. When we sweat a lot, we worry a lot about not sweating, but we can’t stop the dirt and bacteria, and … Read more